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We perform castrations both in the field and at the hospital. Our doctors are accompanied by a technician to make this procedure as safe as possible.


We offer chiropractic services in the field and at the clinic. Dr. Samantha Burk provides these services. She schedules clinics at local barns as well as individual appointments. Chiropractic is a great adjunct therapy for improving performance, treating back, neck and pelvic pain, dealing with compensation from chronic injuries, improving and maintaining joint mobility and most importantly, keeping horses comfortable and pain free.


(aka esophageal obstruction) This is a potentially life-threatening emergency that occurs when food becomes lodged in the esophagus. The horse is not able to eat or drink and frequently saliva and feed material will begin to drain out of the nostrils. Fluids and feed can enter the lungs and cause severe pneumonia. Choke is a common emergency in our practice and we have a number of techniques to remove the food obstruction including stomach tubes, endoscopic removal, and even surgery. Our success rate in resolving this condition is extremely high, but choke is an emergency and should be treated as quickly as possible.


Abdominal discomfort typically causes clinical signs such as pawing, rolling, and a decreased appetite. Colic is the most common emergency that we treat, but many horses improve with a simple veterinary visit including a stomach tubing. Other more serious cases may require hospitalization with IV fluids or even surgical correction. We strive to make an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible and then help our clients decide the best treatment protocol.


Equine dentistry has become an increasingly important aspect of routine veterinary care. Additionally, we provide more specialized dental procedures including x-rays, tooth extractions, and fillings.


Routine and emergency skin diseases are common appointments at the clinic. Allergic skin disease (hives, rubbing raw skin, etc.) are frequent reasons to seek veterinary care. Our doctors can assist with diagnosis and treatment to provide immediate relief for your horse.

Emergency & Critical Care

Equine emergencies can be frightening for both the horse and owner. We are happy to talk with you on the phone and help you decide if your emergency needs to be seen immediately and what you can do until veterinary help arrives.


We have different endoscopes (cameras) that we use for various evaluations. Most commonly we scope the stomach looking for ulcers, but we also evaluate other areas including the throat, airways, esophagus, and urinary bladder. In many (but not all) cases we are able to let the clients watch while we perform this procedure which can be interesting and educational. Using endoscopy, our doctors can obtain biopsies and perform certain surgical procedures. Endoscopy provides a less invasive way to treat some common equine problems. Endoscopy is usually performed in the hospital, but under special circumstances can be performed in the field.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Rhodes is our specialist in equine internal medicine and she can be scheduled for appointments at both our Arcata and Fortuna locations.

Joint Injections

We perform hundreds of joints injections each year with the hock and coffin joints being the most common areas that are treated. Steroids are most commonly used with joint injections, but other treatments include hyaluronic acid, IRAP, and stem cells. Many horses receive yearly joint injections for the treatment of arthritis and are able to continue moving and exercising pain free.


Lacerations are the second most common equine emergency (following colic). Many lacerations are simple and may require just a few sutures, but some complex injuries may involve joints or the abdominal cavity. If your horse sustains a laceration, please let us talk with you about the location and depth of the wound so that we can advise you on the best treatment.


Evaluations for lameness are an incredibly important part of equine practice. Our doctors can perform these examinations in the field or here at the clinic. We have boarded specialists in equine surgery (DACVS) and equine sports medicine (DACVSMR) that are available for more complex cases. Our portable x-ray and ultrasound equipment are available should these be required as part of the lameness evaluation process.


Founder/laminitis is an important and serious cause of lameness in horses. This condition can be associated with life-threatening emergencies (grain overload, diarrhea) or chronic foot problems. Laminitis can be associated with Equine Cushing’s disease and Equine Metabolic syndrome, especially if these horses are allowed to eat too much rich green grass. Laminitis should be treated as an emergency when the signs (reluctance to move, difficulty walking, and lameness) are first noticed.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the best ways that we can image the soft tissue structures in your horse. We most commonly perform this diagnostic test for the lower parts of the limb (foot, pastern, and fetlock) but we can also image areas up to the knee and hock. MRI has completely revolutionized the diagnosis of equine lameness and has allowed us to help a much larger number of horses recover from lameness. Most MRI examinations are approximately $1000 but imaging multiple locations can increase the cost. This service is only available at our Penryn, CA location.


Horses frequently come in with eye problems that include traumatic injuries (corneal ulcers, lacerations), uveitis (inflammation in the eye), allergies, and cancer. Our doctors can evaluate eye problems both in the field and at the clinic. We are fortunate to have Dr. Nick Faber as our consulting ophthalmologist who sees scheduled appointments at our Penryn location.


Due to the size of our hospital and the number of doctors, we have an extensively stocked pharmacy with medications that are often difficult to find. We are able to purchase large quantities of common medications (Adequan, gastrogard, pergolide, etc.) and provide these at lower prices than many of the online sources. If your horse requires long-term medication, please talk with us about potential savings from buying these medications through us.

Pre Purchase Exams

We’re well-known for our comprehensive pre-purchase evaluations. We have a large staff of veterinarians with varying interests and training in specific aspects of the horse industry. We have 4 digital x-ray systems that can be brought to the pre-purchase appointment to avoid delays. Similarly, we can bring ultrasound and endoscope equipment to the appointment if requested ahead of time. We provide a comprehensive written report of the evaluation. If you are considering the purchase of a new horse, please talk with us so that we can help you decide what type of evaluation is best suited for your specific situation.


Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that we use most commonly for tendon and ligament injuries. This treatment is often combined with a rehabilitation program and sometimes with other treatments such as shockwave. PRP is typically performed in a single visit at the Penryn location and involves the collection and processing of a large blood sample. Our doctors then use ultrasound to guide injection of this special plasma into the injured tissue.


Our doctors take thousands of x-rays every year to aid in the diagnosis of lameness, colic, and a variety of other equine medical problems. The practice has multiple digital x-ray systems that can be used both in the field and at the clinic. We take pride in the quality of our x-rays and we provide these images to other hospitals and veterinarians around the world.


We offer a variety of equine reproduction services including breeding evaluations and insemination with cooled and frozen semen. The Penryn hospital also offers more advanced reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer. In 2018, we’re expanding our reproduction services to include stallion collection and semen processing.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a great non-invasive treatment modality for musculoskeletal problems, soft-tissue injuries and bone injuries in horses. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy generates high-intensity pressure waves for a specific site. It provides excellent pain relief (especially for neck and back pain), decreases inflammation, and stimulates blood flow. It is often used to improve the quality of healing and fiber alignment in tendon and ligament injuries. Shockwave therapy can penetrate the deep musculature and joints of the neck and back and improve healing of large and/or chronic wounds.

Stem Cell Therapies

Stem Cell Therapy continues to receive a lot of attention as a promising treatment for a variety of equine injuries. We can provide treatment with both adipose-derived and bone marrow-derived stem cells. Please talk with one of our doctors so that we can help advise you on the ideal treatment protocol for your horse.


Dr. Jason Errico and Dr. Dustin Major are our two primary surgeons. They perform a wide variety of routine soft-tissue and orthopedic procedures and are available to consult on cases with our other doctors. We also offer more specialized surgical procedures including (but not limited to) arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and laser surgery. Please schedule an appointment with one of our surgeons if you would like to discuss a possible surgical procedure for one of your horses. Dr. Errico and Dr. Major accept referral appointments from veterinarians outside of our practice as well.


We perform over 1000 ultrasound examinations each year that include evaluations of the abdomen, chest, and legs. Additionally, our doctors use ultrasound for reproductive services such as breeding and pregnancy checks. Ultrasound is also a very effective way to diagnose soft-tissue injuries and is an important part of many of our lameness evaluations.


Each year, our group of hospitals gives over 15,000 vaccines as part of our commitment to preventative health care for horses. We recognize the importance of vaccination for preventable diseases such as West Nile Virus, tetanus, and influenza.

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